Building Wealth in Africa

Africa Strategies Network is an informal network of stakeholders interested in the economic development of Africa. We focus on three initiatives:

Doing Business in Africa

Doing Business in Africa is challenging. Despite the availability of abundant resources many projects fail because promoters have not grasped the basics. categories
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Africa Entrepreneurship Academy

The drive for the development of Africa requires people with the right skills, both hard and soft. AEA works to identify, train and mentor future leaders.
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Community 2043

The ability of Africa to feed and house its growing population will require innovative approaches to ensure economic and environmental sustainability
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Africa is one of the emerging markets with a difference – it has all the resources necessary to create wealth. The challenge is to fit all the pieces of a complicated jigsaw together that vary substantially between each African country. My extensive market experience, network and professional background enable me to see the bigger picture, understanding the requirements to make business a success.

If you are having challenges with....

  • Company Start-ups
  • Trade Finance
  • People Resources
  • Market Entry
  • Key Target Customer Relationships
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Distribution Networks
  • Crisis Management
  • Exit Strategies
  • Liquidations
  • Entrepreneurship Skills

…. contact us we will be able to help.

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