The ability of Africa to feed and house its growing population 

will require innovative approaches to ensure economic 

and environmental sustainability

Regeneration of Rural Community is the Number 1 priority for Africa​

The challenge

In Africa increasing numbers of youth are not finding meaningful work. Meaningful in this case refers to well paid positions that lead to fulfilling career opportunities. Government and Big Business have reached saturation and cannot absorb the youth.

More disenfranchised youth are moving into urban areas and ultimately turning to Crime or Civil disobedience or underpaid casual work. The income/inequality gap rich-poor is increasing and as a result economic migration between countries has never been higher.

Educational establishments are not able to cope financially or intellectually with this challenge and continue to churn out graduates who will not find meaningful work.

The solution

Sustainable opportunities must be created in the Rural Areas. These solutions must be “Afrocentric” to be sustainable.

How can this be achieved in practice

A Holistic redesign of our “Villages” is necessary. The aspects of fitness in Mind, Body and Motivation is required. Art and Music must play a big role.

Process: Resource inventory -> Challenges and Opportunities identified -> Community engagement -> projects -> leader identification and development -> small business created -> Villages reconstructed


The expertise to do all this exists locally, and at competitive rates, to tackle the full range of challenges and to leverage the opportunities for the benefit of the communities.

A Holistic redesign of our “Villages” is necessary. The aspects of fitness in Mind, Body and Motivation is required. Art and Music must play a big role.

Way Forward

A group of apolitical, like-minded experts, and other concerned individuals wish to take on a Village in distress and attempt to rejuvenate it to serve as a pilot to encourage wider participation in such a plan.

Professionals available

Alternative Energy Engineers, Agronomists, Psychologists, Farmers, Industrialists, Marketers, Social Media, Finance, Accounting, Sport and Fitness, Spiritual, Permaculturalists, Educators, Project Managers, Marriage counsellors, Artists, Sports people, and so on…

List of potential projects

Redesign of village layout, definition of roles and responsibilities to give meaningful work to all habitants, off grid energy production, sale of manufactured or processed items, arts and crafts, vegetables, fruit, food processing, pig, chicken and fish farming, aquaculture, tourism, mineral processing, water management, sports centre, fitness centre, super food production, information centre, library, free WiFi solutions, crime reduction, security, modern and appropriate house building methods, entertainment, art, theatre, schools and higher education, training and internship programmes, primary health care clinic, and so on…

Community 2043

By 2043 (25 years or one generation from now) there will be 1,5 billion Africans. If no real ground root change is introduced now the levels of poverty, injustice, inequality will have reached crisis levels a complete social revolution will have become inevitable which will impact the entire world negatively.

All those in positions of privilege need to help identify and mentor future leaders in communities that can bring sustainable development. If a strong leader can influence 1,000 people then we need 1,500,000 new leaders by 2043. Or if each new generation community accommodates 1,000 people we need 1,500,000 functioning communities.

Contact me on if you are interested in joining this initiative.

2043 Philosophy

Communities are learning that working together in a way that has minimum impact on the environment is what leads to sustainability. Once sustainable the objective is then to regenerate the environment to produce more and create greater diversity. This page discusses Permaculture, Organic Farming, Farm to Fork supply chains, Green Technology, Post Harvest Technology, Agricultural Value Chains and other issues of relevance to vibrant communities. The Page brings an African Focus into the discussion with the objective of sharing ideas and initiatives that could lead to both Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Our Vision is to rehabilitate, sustain and improve failed agricultural or ecosystems.

We also lobby for a “change in attitude” in and about Africa. A continent with abundant natural resources and young people is often a victim of it’s history. It is important to understand this history, but then close the chapter and move on to help create the Radical Economic Transformation that Africa desperately needs.

Finally we advocate for the just treatment of all people irrespective of their sex, belief system, race or tribe. We believe in treating people with compassion, empathy and humility, as inequality even if historically entrenched, can be understood and corrected. Change starts with us. Open your mind, take a different view and then take a new and better approach to problems and challenges that face us in Africa.

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